Brand Story

Founded in 2010, Jia’ao is an innovative pillow brand dedicated to improving sleep quality of human beings. It belongs to Shanghai Jia’ao Trading Co., Ltd., which is innovative company registered in 2010 and dedecated to on improving the sleep quality of human beings.

Brand Story

Dream as a horse

Born in Zhongle Village, Shaoyang, Hunan Province, this vigor and ambitious young man has been tired of the peaceful life in the countryside and determined to come to Shanghai alone to work hard in the prosperous city. At last, he was successful in his career.

However, he is not satisfied with this, as building a brand is his real dream, so he strived to establish his own company.

Good dream is hard to realize

However, the fast pace of the urban life and the enormous pressure poised him great health problems of serious sleep disorders such as insomnia, trouble falling asleep, sleep deprivation, dreaming to much. Long-term sleep disorders have made him weak and exhausted and caused great trouble for his normal work and life. Although he has actively sought treatment many times and tried to alleviate the symptom through drugs, nothing seemed work greatly. He started missing the quiet, natural and peaceful night of his hometown more and more during the wide awaken, sleepless night.

This young man is Zhao Yunchao, the founder of Jia’ao. Just like tens of millions of young entrepreneurs with dreams, he has to sacrifice his health in pursuing his dream.

Insomnia is inevitable nightmare for every entrepreneur.

“How wonderful it would be to have a good sleep like when I was a child.” Zhao Yunchao said again, after a sleepless and puzzled night.

Sleep Revolution

Zhao Yunchao accidently found SLEEP: Redefine Your Rest, for Success in Work, Sport and Life, a book by Nick Littlehales, former chairman of the British Sleep Association. Concepts in the book like “Physical and Mental Recovery”, “Return to Primitive” and R90 sleep cycles have inspired Zhao Yunchao greatly. Zhao Yunchao has been trying to adjust his sleeping environment and explore the sleep patterns according the instruction in the book, until one night, Zhao Yunchao laid in bed after work and looked at the pillow near him, and a great idea has striven him: why don’t adjust the pillow to the height of the cervical vertebra. So he re-stuffed the pillow and reshape the pillow to front higher and back lower. That night, he has enjoyed the sweetest sleep in recent years.

“It have come back! This is the primitive, safe and comfortable sleep in peaceful and comfortable hometown! ”

It is this life experience that makes Zhao Yunchao realize the serious consequences of ignoring quality of sleep, which occupies one third of people’s lives. Countless people in city have been troubled by various sleep problems for a long time without radical solution. The concepts advocated in that book like “Return to Primitive Natural Sleep” will bring “Physical and Mental Recovery” is exactly the healthy sleep Zhao Yunchao pursues.

“Let the dream of busy urbanite come back and recover your body and mind”. That is it!

So he decided to build a brand centered pillow and implanted the concepts of ” Return to Primitive Natural Sleep ” and ” Physical and Mental Recovery ” in products with determination to let people around the world have the most primitive natural sleep.

No Regret in Golden Age

In 2010, Zhao Yunchao and his partners jointly established the brand of Jia’ao with the theme of “physical and mental recovery”. Since the establishment of Jia’ao, the problems of insufficient sleep, anxiety and depression, fatigue after waking up, and cervical discomfort caused by long-term table work were studied and analyzed, and a senior R&D team was built to conduct R&D of personalized pillow with long-term commitment to different groups of people and different scenarios, and continuously update the product. Through continuous promotion of brand culture and the scientific sleep mode of “Physical and Mental Recovery”, it has become a high-quality gifts supplier for large and medium-sized companies in East China in less than five years with market share ranking top three in the industry. Jia’ao has become a leading brand of pillow with rapid development.

In the past seven years, in-depth market survey has been carried out to optimize the product quality and ensure continuous success of Jia’ao. By 2018, Jia’ao has covered more than ten well-known e-commerce platforms, including, and with several brands such as Jia’ao, PPW etc, and has been the top one in domestic market of memory pillows, latex pillows, cushions and back cushions. It has entered the overseas market for the first time in January 2018.

Great business always inspired by great dreams. Jia’ao is willing to devote the most and work hard with full sincerity to the business of sleep health.


Developing Process

In July 2010, Shanghai Jia’ao Trading Co., Ltd. was established. A group of young talents were gathered to enter the business of sleeping product industry with the concept of “healthy sleep system” and formally enter e-commerce in the same year.

In March 2011, as sales growth and increasing demand for inventory, Jiao’ao relocated its warehouse for the first time.

In March 2012, the sales continued to increase, Jia’ao relocated the warehouse for the second time with storage area of 5000 square meters and office area of 1100 square meters, providing warehousing and logistics support for the rapid development of 2012 and 2013.

In October 2012, the company had more than 300 distributors and sales reached a record high.

In September 2013, the sales of Jia’ao exceeded 1 million, successfully occupied a place in the competitive market, and become trust preferred brand of memory pillow.

In 2014, Jia’ao became “the most popular online-shopping brand of healthy sleeping products “, ranked top 50 among tens of thousands of competitors in the original design competition of with title of “Quality Supplier of Taobao”.

In 2015, it was top three of best selling pillow on Taobao.

In 2016, it was the best selling brand for pillow.

In 2017, Jia’ao has covered more than ten well-known e-commerce platforms, including, and with several brands such as Jia’ao, PPW etc, and has been the top one in domestic market of memory pillows, latex pillows, cushions and back cushions.


Social responsibility

In 2016, Jia’ao came to Langshan, Xinning County, Hunan Province to hold the second “Inhabit Miao Village with love in Langshan” to donate for the elderly and children in poor mountainous areas.

In 2017, Jia’ao came to Paiyun Village, Heku Town, which is near the Ancient Town of Fenghuang to donate for old people and children in the poverty-stricken areas with the donation of the people all over the country.


Company size


Corporate Culture

Slogan: Come to Jia’ao and get perfect pillow

Mission: Let the world have a good sleep

Value: Honesty, Innovation, Quality, Service

Vision: Become the most trusted healthy sleeping brand in the world.



Products of Jia’ao have passed STC inspection, it doesn’t contain formaldehyde and decomposable aromatic amine, carcinogenic heavy metals such as lead, chromium, barium, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, selenium, and any other harmful substances to human body.


Business Partners

Taobao, Amazon, Tmall, JD, China Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, China Post, Ping An, China Guangfa Bank, 1688, BAYER, China Telecom, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Unicom, AliExpress, Pacific Insurance, Bank of Communications, Abbott, Prologis



2011 Best emerging brand of household textile on Internet

2011 Top ten e-commerce brands of household textile

2012 The most popular online shopping brand for sleeping products

2012  AAAA credit e-commerce company

2013 The most popular online shopping brand of healthy sleeping products

2013 The ten most popular brand for memory pillow in urban communities

2014 The most popular online shopping brand of healthy sleeping products

2015, the Star Project Company of Taobao in the household product industry.

In 2016 The best selling brand of pillows on Taobao

2017 Golden Wheat Award in E-commerce Festival of meeting good life